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  • Improves productivity

    Greater volume of samples in less time.

    Greater efficiency, repeatability and traceability.

    Increase the reproducibility of QuEChERS method,
    EtOAc and various other methods

  • Multifunctional autosampler and sample preparation robot for GC,

    GC/MS and LC/MS or standalone workstation.

  • Discover the complete range of

    laboratory solutions

    LabTech is a leading manufacturing company

    with skill and passion devoted to provide advanced

    laboratory solutions to the analytical community.

  • VELP Scientifica’s primary commitment is

    to develop analytical Instruments

    with the potential to help millions

    of people, everywhere. Create, design

    and manufacture high quality

    analytical instruments

  • Don’t Buy your gas, make it

    F-DGSi- Specialist in gas generators

    and accessories for laboratory

    and industrial applications


why choose us ?

We are focused to Show the value proposition by Application focused selling - Positioning Instrument / Consumables – based on the customer requirements.

Higher throughput
Advanced automation techniques improves lab throughput.
Reliable sample preparation
Improved accuracy and repeatability
Application support
Application setup and validation.
Workflow solutions
Full laboratory workflow solutions
Environmental friendly
Sample preparation technologies that eliminate or significantly reduce the use of organic solvents
Turnkey laboratory projects
Consultation and complete execution of new laboratory setup and expansions